Carlos’s Tip #33: Carlos Dinares talks about power curves

Carlos Dinares talks in this video about power curves.

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Carlos Dinares believes that the power curve is the key element to learn about your body and stroke and how to improve. Carlos describes rowing as a sport that requires a lot of coordination of the different body parts during the drive to work effciently with the body weight. The power curve is the handwriting of how well you do this. Through repetition of good strokes with direct feedback stroke after stroke of the power curve, the rowers learn to be efficient and have plenty of good strokes.

Carlos Dinares likes to work with the athletes he coaches with the Joules x stroke that is the work done every stroke. The number displayed on the screen is the number that is directly proportional to the area inside the curve. The bigger the number the more work is done and the bigger is the area inside the curve.

Carlos Dinares will explain in future videos how he works with the program, the power curves and the Joules x stroke. Carlos believes that there is not a perfect curve, a perfect body or a perfect stroke. Carlos observation is that all the good rowers have good power curves.

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