Carlos’s Tip #34: Carlos Dinares talks about the 3 key elements to win

Carlos Dinares talks in this video about the 3 elements that are necessary to win races: The athlete, the coach and the training system.

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Carlos Dinares believes that to win a big race you need to have a talented athlete, a good coach and a good training system. Carlos Dinares knows that all the Teams that go for medal at the Olympics have talented rowers and good coaching. Carlos believes that the difference is on the training system. Rowing is a very complex sport where many details are involve. Rigging, fisiology, technical style, equipment, land training and many others. Carlos thinks that in order to get an advantage over the rest of the Teams you need to do something better, outsmart your competition. Carlos Dinares says that if you do the same as your competition, the only difference will be based on the genetics of the rowers. Carlos thinks that there is a better way to win than waiting to have the best genetical rower and is by doing things better than everybody else. Carlos is always trying to get new ways of training to get his athletes an advantage. He knows that is possible to win not being the strongest and he points at the French 2x or German 1x that won the Olympics in 2004 as the example of outstanding efficient rowing over their competition. You can see videos of these 2 crews on the rol model page at

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