Carlos’s Tip #34: Carlos Dinares talks about your personal choices

Carlos dinares talks about how every choice you make in your daily life has a direct impact on your performance.

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Carlos Dinares talks in this video about all these choices you are making everyday away from practice that have a direct impact on your training and improvement. The way you spend this time resting, recovering, eating properly and getting the job done are key factors to your performance. Carlos Dinares asks you why many successful coaches and rowers fail again and again doing the same training program that has made them successful? The answer is on these personal choices. There are many elements away from the technique and the training that have a lot to do with the development of the rower. Carlos Dinares believes that the athletes and coaches that are really motivated are open to work harder and sacrifice more things than the rest to get an advantage. Motivation is a key factor to really monitor those personal choices. You really want to do things that make you go faster. That means that the coaches need to guide their rowers on what are the good and bad choices and to explain to them what are the direct effects of those choices on their performance.

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