Carlos’s Tip #36: Carlos Dinares talks about power per stroke and the use of the RP3

Carlos Dinares will talk in this video why to work power per stroke is so important and how you can develop the right understanding with the use of the software of the new Rowperfect3.

Download Video or MP3

Download Video or MP3

Carlos Dinares believes that power per stroke is the key factor in rowing to develop the right power and body strength. Carlos uses the power per stroke system to develop the rowing stroke and the body who can support that. Carlos has learned with the use of the Rowperfect3 and his software what is the work to do every stroke at different rates and on race day. Carlos uses the Joules per stroke to know the amount of energy necessary for every stroke during training. Carlos Dinares develops all his training system based on the Joules per stroke. He plays with the rate, K factor and duration of the piece to develop the different capacities the rower needs to perform its best. Carlos principle is to always work at higher Joules per stroke than the ones you get on race day. He uses the software to develop all the time the right coordination and efficient movement. Carlos idea is to master the movement and the coordinated power on land with the use of a computer and to take it to the water. He says that the water is a lot more complex because of the other rowers to match, blade control, balance and weather conditions. This is the reason why he masters the rowing stroke and the body on the land and takes it to the next level on the water. Carlos dinares believes on the power of building the right coordination, body posture and strenght and muscle contraction on the land.

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