Carlos’s Tip #37: Carlos Dinares talks about the power of going after excellence in every stroke

Carlos Dinares will explain you in this video why he believes that all the strokes and training you do will be the reason of your result on race day.

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Carlos Dinares is a big believer that in sports like rowing where the rowing stroke is so complex is key to be commited to be going after the perfect stroke all the time. Carlos understands that rowing is not a natural movement or coordinated motion that we have by nature and he points that we need to learn the rowing movement from scratch. Carlos Dinares wants you to understand that what you will do on race day over the 250 strokes will be the repetition of what you have been doing on training. Carlos has a clear idea of the 2 big parts of going fast are: the coordinated movement of the rowing stroke with boat and blade control and the other one is the fitness and ability to push your body to amazing performances doing this movement. Carlos Dinares knows that the secret to achieve excellence in rowing is to find the training system that develops both without destroying the efficient stroke. He points that this is not an easy thing to do. Carlos Dinares is against any situation that makes the rower destroy his stroke. He doesn’t understand why rowers that test on the stationary erg have the chance to take the last 250 meters without using their legs when we all know that this makes you stop the boat and develop bad habits. Is the result of this test real? What gives you a score doesn’t assure you water speed.

Carlos Dinares says “On race day you get what you have been working for. The result is the fair analysis of your work. The reality of who you are at this moment”

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