Carlos’s Tip #38: Carlos Dinares talks about the UBC Samish Training camp

Carlos Dinares is excited to talk about UBC (University of British Columbia) rowing Team that is doing a training camp with him at Lake Samish.

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Carlos Dinares is hosting from Saturday to wednesday the UBC Men’s rowing Team. The goal of the camp is recognizing the principals of good technique and to convert recognition into “feeling it” with the help of the rowperfect and his software. The idea is to take all this feel from the land to the water and do some 2- work selection during these 4 days The Team discussions with Carlos Dinares will be Daily dryland work on technique, Fundamentals of competitive training environment, Team structure & focus and Selection process for sprint regattas. The Team will do 3 workouts a day. The first one will be on the water on 8+. The second workout will be with the Rowperfects working on power per stroke and power curve development. The last workout of the day will be on 4+ and 2-.

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