Carlos’s Tip #39: Carlos Dinares talks about the 3 sessions a day done at Lake Samish with UBC

Carlos Dinares will describe on these 3 videos the work he is doing with UBC (University of British Columbia) Men’s Rowing Team during this training camp at Lake Samish.

Download Video or MP3

Download Video or MP3

Download Video or MP3

Carlos Dinares believes that Training camps are a good way to achieve big improvements on a shorter time. UBC has decided to come to Belligham with Carlos Dinares because of the quality of the lake, the proximity to Vancouver and the possibility of working with the rowperfects. Mike Pearce and Ben Rutledge that coach UBC have decided to run 3 sessions everyday during their stay at Lake Samish. The first session is 20km on the 8+. After that session the guys get a quick lunch and rest. At 11:30am Carlos Dinares gives a talk  introducing the work and goals to be achieved on the second practice with the Rowperfects. Today session was 5 minutes on at full pressure and 5 minutes off x 6. We had 8 rowers at a time and they switched with the other part of the Team every 5 minutes. They worked on posture, timing, change of direction, power per stroke, shape of the power curve, lenght of the stroke, relative peak force position and rythm. After that session they got a longer rest. The 3rd session was on 2- and 1x. I had a pair that was doing circles and learning about blade control, body positioning and balance and Ben had few singles. Mike was working with the varsity pairs doing some competitive pieces. We all worked together as a Team with 3 motorboats and different goals and got the job done. At the end of the day we had a meeting about motivation and what it takes to improve as a Team. Great day at lake Samish!

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