Carlos’s Tip #41: Carlos Dinares helps novice rowers to improve the finish of the stroke

Carlos Dinares gives some good tips in this video on how he helped today a novice 2- to go faster with 20 minutes of technical work.

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Carlos Dinares believes that to go fast you need to be coordinated trough the drive and have a good timing at the end of your stroke. Carlos understands that to develop good run at the end of the stroke, get good balance and move correctly to the catch, the rowers need to have  a good finish. Carlos Dinares wants the rowers to release the blade from the water on the square, keeping pressure in front on the blade while they still have full contact with the footstretcher and doing it together with the rest of the Team. Carlos Dinares believes that the ability of the rower to drive the handle to the body while connected to the boat trough the footstretcher comes by having the right coordination during the drive and understand the right speeds and correct sequence of leg, body and arms wile the handle is moving to the bow. The right timing of the release will happen as a reaction of a well done finish of the stroke with the right sequence of body segments. Carlos Dinares likes to see a good finish clean and with good timing. The reaction of a good finish is a good change of direction and good run of the boat. Carlos Dinares likes to make the athletes aware of the elbow and outside arm job. He points that the speed of the outside arm finish is relative to the body segments speed, body weight position and handle position.

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