Carlos’s Tip #43: National Team coxswain talks about the training camp at Lake Samish

National Team Coxswain for the Under 23 Canadian Team talks on this video about his experience with Carlos Dinares during the training camp at lake Samish.

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Carlos Dinares training camp at Lake Samish in Bellingham gave the chance to the rowers of UBC to experience the power of training with the rowperfects as a complement to the water training. Carlos uses the rowing simulators to teach the rowers about timing, connection, posture, organization of movements, ratio, acceleration and many more. He likes to have the rowers he helps to take the feel from the rowing machine to the water. Carlos Dinares believes that the direct feedback every stroke of the power curve and Joules per stroke helps the rowers to be aware of how important is the length of the stroke, the coordinated power to develop a good curve and the acceleration and good connection to build a high number on the joules per stroke.

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