Carlos’s Tip #44: Do you think is important to row the C2 the same way you need to row a boat to go fast?

Carlos Dinares shows you in these videos several different ways of rowing the Concept2. Not all these techniques help to move a boat but all give you a score. Carlos believes that the rowers don’t row well the C2 because the technique doesn’t reward a better score. The system is wrong and the rowers development is getting destroyed in order to get a score on the stationary machine.
The goal of this post is to show how different technique on the stationary C2 can be when the training to get the score is done on the stationary C2 or on the water and the rowperfect3 machine.

Download Video or MP3

Download Video or MP3

On the first video you can see very good posture, good lenght, good acceleration, good coordination and good rate control to recover as much as possible from stroke to stroke. This rower has developed the power, control, coordination and posture away from this machine.

On the second video you can see that the first 4 rowers we are looking at are rowing half slide. Because they have rowed the Concept2 to get a score, they don’t have good length. We can see problems of posture, strength, coordination on the drive and too much use of shoulders and upper body.

The conclusion is that a boat cannot go fast rowing half slide and not having good acceleration. My concern is that by making the rowers to test and train on stationary ergs we are teaching them to give priority to the score over the technique and health.

I don’t understand what is the value of testing not using your legs when we know that the stationary C2 gives good scores by being powerful on the second part of the stroke, jerking with the body and rowing very short. Those advantages won’t help you to move a boat where the more powerful parts of the stroke are the legs and the front loaded catch.

“Why do we tell rowers that they can be good when they produce a good score on the stationary erg when we all know that this is not always the reality?”
“Why do we tell rowers that they cannot be good when they don’t produce a good score on the stationary erg when we all know that this is not always the reality?”
“Why do we play with the rowers future and hopes talking about a score that doesn’t have a direct relationship with water performance?”

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