Carlos’s Tip #45: 1st BIG mistake rowing the Stationary Concept2!

Carlos Dinares shows you in this video what is destroying rowers in North America. Those technical mistakes I talk about that you will see on this video can prove that plenty of the technical mistakes and back injuries of rowers in North America have come from rowing poorly the stationary Concept2.

Carlos Dinares wants you to look at the first rower on the video and look at his lower back. This rower is not seating up at all and because of that his lower back shape is the proof of a huge load on his spine. He is also shutting his slide and has a very uncoordinated drive. The whole rowing stroke is done in a way that doesn’t help him develop the right movements to be able to be healthy and move a boat properly. The reality is that rowing a stationary Concept 2 is never healthy even when done properly and always performs huge pressures on the spine and knees.

I can say that the 1st BIG mistake made by rowers and coaches is to don’t force their rowers to seat up and row properly. The problem is that in order to seat up and row properly the stationary Concept2 you need to develop strength on your core. To do this properly the rower needs to row plenty of miles on the water or on the rowperfect3 rowing machine. The sad part is that many rowers cannot do that and they are forced to a deadly system. I feel bad for all this system created in North America based on developing a Concept2 score that is destroying rowers opportunities to develop the right movements and keep a healthy back and knees.

This video is an example of a test performed on rowers that have not rowed enough on the water or on the rowperfect3 machine.

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