Carlos’s Tip #46: Concept2 is a Health club machine. It doesn’t simulate rowing on the water.

Carlos Dinares is sad to see how the Concept 2 rowing machine has developed over the years to a Health club machine. Carlos Dinares knows that the short stroke at the catch for rowers with long arms, the big seat, wrong angles and heights on the footstretcher and seat and wrong feel on the flyweel to make the rowing experience more quiet has gone this way to sell more machines and make it cheaper.

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Carlos Dinares thinks that rowing is a very little % of Concept2 interest and because of that they have made the machine go the way it has gone. Carlos knows that every new model has gone further away from the sport of rowing and closer to the fitness industry. The sad part for Carlos Dinares is that the rowing industry, rowers and coaches have not had the vision and interest to develop and support a rowing machine for rowing and not Fitness clubs. Carlos Dinares wants rowing to step up and support the development of good rowing machines for rowers and coaches. He believes that a machine that simulates real rowing and protects the spine and knees of new rowers should be a MUST DO! The stationary Concept2 is not a good training machine for young rowers or rowers who have not experience and not developed their body strengths. Carlos believes that rowing has a big oppportunity for improvement and believes that only the ones who care and love rowing will help to make this dream a reality. The ones who love rowing and care about the health of our young athletes.

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