Carlos’s Tip #49: Carlos Dinares training ratio

Carlos Dinares talks in this video on one way he will train ratio to help the rowers to learn about the right rhythm.

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Carlos Dinares talks in this video on how he will use the wind direction or drag factor, pressure on the drive and time on the recovery, to play with ratios and give the rowers understanding of rhythm. Carlos believes that the top rowers know by feeling what is the right drive time and race rate to be the most efficient with any given wind conditions. Carlos Dinares knows that the weather and wind speed and direction changes from the moment the rowers get on the water to the warm up to the start of the race. This gives very little possibility if any to the coach to adapt the rigging to these last minute weather changes. Rowers need to adapt and learn ways to row different techniques for different weather conditions. Also the rate, ratio, length of the stroke, power curve and peak force position will change depending on the direction of the wind. Rowers will row with more or less body swing and longer or shorter stroke depending on wind and water conditions.

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