Carlos’s Tip #52: Rowing for Carlos Dinares

In this video Carlos Dinares can see what rowing is all about. Concentration, coordination, excellence, power per stroke, efficiency, gliding, blade control, dynamics, fitness, perfection, determination, joy ….

Carlos Dinares loves the french rowing system. Carlos Dinares is perfectly fluent in french and has used the language, the french culture he got at the french school he attended in Barcelona and his love and passion for the sport to know everything about the french system, their rowers and coaches. Carlos Dinares describes their system as very simple and efficient. Their technique and results are a demonstration of that. Carlos Dinares uses the Rowperfect3 to accelerate that learning process to get where these rowers are. He believes there is a faster way to get there mastering the right repetitions and wiring them into your system with the help of the computer software. The goal at the end of your rowing journey is clear: Row and glide like the rowers on this video, not easy to achieve!

Congratulations to Julien Bahain and Cedric Berrest. Good luck on your journey to London 2012 my friends! I believe in you!

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