Carlos’s Tip #56: Carlos Dinares loves this rowing rhythm to visualize

Carlos Dinares believes that rowing is a sport of feeling. He thinks that power and rhythm are the key factors to go fast. Carlos always says that the more efficient power the easier is to get the right rhythm and this is why he used to row with Ursula Grobler the 2x to help her understand rhythm and develop right timing at the ctach and release. Carlos wants you to look at this video of good rowing and see how simple it looks and well done is executed.

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Some of the good things that Carlos Dinares see on this video are:
- The rythm they use. Very direct to the water and time on the release. Carlos likes it because it helps to don’t have doubts going to attack the water. You can work the same rhythm on the land with the use of rowperfect3 if you cannot row as much us these professional Aussies.
- The pauses they work  during the recovery to match, organize themselves and move together.
- How simple and coordinated it looks.
- The amazing blade control.
For Carlos Dinares all of this starts with:

- Really Good strenght on the right parts of the body and this gives eventually good body posture and protected body to possible injuries.
- Good coordinated movement and good acceleration.
- Good rhythm and good stroke cycle.
Carlos Dinares knows that if you are behind on those and have no access to the water as much as you would like, you can work on them on the land with the use of the right rowing machine.
Carlos Dinares points that the blade work and balance needs to be developed on the water.

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