Carlos’s Tip #60: Carlos Dinares and visualization of rowing technique and racing

What a great thing to have access to rowing videos of racing and steady state training. Well as you know we are in a sport where at the elite level there is very little racing. Also americans in relationship to rowers from other nations normally start their rowing career later and have very little racing experience if none on small boats by the time they get to the elite level.

I use the video to show the rowers how you can win a race from the back of the field, from the pack and from the front. I show how the wind conditions can affect the evolution of the race and the technique to use to go down the course. I ask them to compare the rowing of the ones in the front with the ones in the back. I teach them flow, rythm and the most important thing: EFFICIENCY OF THE ROWING STROKE.

Every time we get on the water after watching video, the row is better and has a purpose.

If you ask me if I video them and show them how they row, my answer is not very often. Why? Because it is more important to have them believe they look like the champions. I want them to believe that they look great and strong as long as there is evolution and improvement is happening.

I guess the question is: Why do i need to show them their rowing very often that is not very good when there is amazing rowing to see?

Why do they need to get desmotivated or pulled back on their hope when they are making progress?

Why do I need to stablish an image on their brain of their rowing when they can have the perfect example wired on their brain cells?

The goal is to improve and get them closer every day to the best they can be. I need to use the video of the top crews and themselves on a way that I get the most evolution of their performance. There is not a clear rule on how to do this. I follow my INTUITION.

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