I’m available for training camps at Lake Samish. You can do it by yourself, with your rowing friends or sign up for one of my sculling camps. I can help you improve your rowing skills and teach you how to be more efficient!

I’m also available for Rowing Clinics and Camps at your rowing club all over the USA and CANADA. I can help rowers from novices to World class level. Don’t feel intimidated by your rowing skills. Everybody can benefit from my coaching! I’m really excited to help you to be a BETTER rower!

Please don’t wait and contact me at carlosdinares@gmail.com

4 Responses to Training Camps – Clinics

  1. laurie says:

    I am very interested in learning to row. I am taking the beginning courses for sculling at lake samamish I hope to join a competitive team. I know they take some time off in the winter I am thinking I would like to take some lessons so I do not forget what I have learned and to keep in shape. what is your schedule usually like and what are your fees?

  2. HI Carlos,
    As you may already know we organize rowing camps in Europe for master rowers. We hire coaches for these camps from all over the US ad Europe.
    Would you have any interest in coaching a camp? We usually need
    two coaches that work well together. Our camps are 5 days long.
    Start at lunch first day and then 3 days of 3 sessions each and end at lunch on the 5th day. So a total of 5-7 sessions in 5 days. Lots of video and personal work if possible. What are your thoughts?
    Also do you offer workout programs for master rowers?

  3. Earl King says:

    Do you have any clinics scheduled at this time?

  4. Kay Papandrew says:

    Hi Carlos
    Would like to attend one of your seminars and training camps during the summer.
    Please send a schedule for the summer of 2012

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