The Lake Samish Training Center

The Lake Samish Training Center was built to help rowers become better and faster—from beginners to Olympians. Lake Samish is an amazing lake where you can take the best strokes you can imagine. It is in the middle of the Northwest, five kilometers long and surrounded by forested hills that offer protection from the wind. The facility was built to accommodate rowing shells and rowing machines that help develop the perfect stroke on land and on the water. It was designed to consolidate the learning process.

Any revolution needs a place to develop. The Training Center on Lake Samish is where everything is happening and will develop to its full potential. Lake Samish, Bellingham and the Northwest are the nest of this rowing revolution.

The facility was completed in April of 2010 and holds a LEED certification. The facility is also Carlos’s home and he will be hosting seminars and training camps for rowers of all skill levels.

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