Why Dynamic Erg?


Five reasons to use the dynamic erg:

  • The dynamic erg simulates real rowing by allowing the athlete’s frame to move less than on a stationary erg. The machine comes to the athlete, just like the boat comes to the athlete on the water.


  • The dynamic erg prevents injury by reducing stress on the knees, spine and ribs.


  • With good power, the rhythm of rowing is accentuated by the dynamic erg. The difference between the stressed and unstressed parts of the stroke is greater on a dynamic erg than on a staticionary erg. Rhythm is the key to enjoying rowing.


  • The dynamic erg allows athletes to train at high rates with full length. Again, since the athlete’s frame is moving very little, less time is wasted changing direction. The dynamic erg allows a crew that expects to race 2000m at a 37 strokes per minute to train over that same distance on the land at 37spm with full lenght. You cannot achieve full lenght at high rates on a stationary erg.


  • By using the dynamic erg you develop the right coordination from the beginning. Coordination is key to efficiency that is related to more speed for the same effort.

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